Custom Fit Service
Choose Your New Clubs The Right Way!

Today’s club golfer can now have the tour pro experience when selecting new clubs. You should not be basing your decisions on what clubs look the prettiest in the shop, you should be selecting the clubs that help improve your golf. Whenever we have a golfer enquiring about new clubs we won’t let them purchase any new equipment without fitting them for the product first.

 What is Custom fit?

Custom fitting is having a one to one session on our driving range with one of our highly trained & skilled PGA professional using our Doppler radar launch monitor instrument to obtain the correct head design, loft of the club(s), shaft, length and grip style best suited to you to improve consistently and performance of your golf.   

Why Should I have a Fitting at the Basingstoke Golf Academy

Not only do we provide a dedicated fitting service with all the leading golf manufacturers, we don’t charge you for the fitting, if you make a purchase as a result of the fitting.

We also price match on like for like products subject to terms and conditions. Finally our customer service is second to none, not only will you be getting the right clubs for you, you will receive an enjoyable and professional service with a full customer satisfaction guarantee!

What is Flightscope?

Technology has taken sport to a level of competition that is unlike anything seen before. More accurate sports measurement systems have resulted in improvements in many aspects of many sports - and not only top professionals, but amateurs too. One such technological advent is that of the 3D ball tracking system. This is great for golfers who are looking for a ball tracking monitor that gives you instant performance feedback. Today's technology means there is now no guess work or opinion influencing decisions, just performance fact!


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