Short Game Corner
The short game is the quickest way of lowering your scores

The short game is defined by any shot that you hit from 100 yards and in. Why 100 yards? Because for most players this is less than a full shot so you take a “shorter” swing. Why is the short game so important? Not only do more than half of your shots take place inside of this distance, but it is also where you lose most of your strokes to par. Sure, everyone hits their drives a little off track every now and again and has to punch out and we have all hit a poor approach that landed in a water hazard. However, most of your strokes are wasted by hitting poor shots from within 100 yards. If you want to lower your scores, practice your short game and improve.

Short Game Shots

You must remember that more than 50 percent of your shots on the golf course will be within 100 yards of the flagstick. The chances of a bad putter making a 3-foot putt is better than a professional golfer making a 15-foot putt. That is how important the short game is, because it directly influences where you will putt from. The closer you are to the hole, the better your chances are of making the putt.

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