The Beginner Experience
Getting you up and running - no stress or jargon

At the Basingstoke Golf Academy we are committed to taking you on the journey from beginner to club golfer. Learning golf is not just about learning to hit the ball, you must first understand what your role is as the golfer as well as what tools you are going to use to achieve the task and that’s just the beginning! With the Beginner to Club Golfer Experience you will be taught all the skills required to ultimately get you to a position where you achieve a handicap at a club.

This is reached through a series of structured lessons over a set period of time. You can take these lessons individually, with a partner or best of all get involved with our group coaching program. We recommend the group coaching because straight away you will meet fellow new golfers and start to build friendships, which means you will never be short of someone to play or practice with



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