Trouble Shots
Trouble Shots

Golf is not a game of perfection! Taking time to understand how to deal with tricky situations on the golf course is something we should all spend some time on. I can guarantee you under 10% of golfers have never spent time on learning how to deal with trouble shots!

Lesson 1 – Learning to play off different slopes, we will setup four practice stations to firstly demonstrate how to play these tricky lies and then give you the opportunity to try for yourself.

Lesson 2 – Playing out of the rough, a bare or an old divot is something we all find ourselves in once in a while. Session two will give you the chance to see how it’s done and then spend some time ingraining the correct technique into your game.

Lesson 3 – We can all hook or slice the ball, but can you do it on demand, If you want to know how to move a ball from right to left or left to right with skill then don’t miss lesson three!

Lesson 4 – With the awesome facilities at the Basingstoke Golf Academy we can take you on to our academy course to put into practice lessons one, two and three in a real golf course environment.

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